Discovery Form

Qualification and Discovery Form:

**Disclosure** Our Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, and Other Online Marketing Services Are Not for Every Business

At Eserparate SEM, we take pride in providing customized marketing solutions, killer results, and excellent customer service.  Because of this fact, we must limit the amount of clients that we take on every month and work only with companies that meet a base criteria.


These Are the Base Criteria for Any Client We Work With:

  • First, we only work with companies interested in providing a good product and solid customer experience.  We just can’t be a part of anything less than that for many reasons.
  • Second, we work with companies that “want us” but don’t “need us.”  That means you should already be actively engaged in promotions, running ads, and making sales.  This has nothing to do with “sales numbers” or being the “market leader”, and has everything to do with your being comfortable with investing in your business and generating a “return on investment.”
  • Last, we choose not to be involved with adult oriented businesses, get rich quick products of scams, and “brand new” start-ups that have yet to implement their base marketing strategy.


That’s It!

Those are the big qualifiers that we are looking for. That’s because when we take on a client, we are absolutely mutually invested in your success, and by meeting these qualifications you are very likely a business that we will be able to do great things for.

Next, please fill out the “Discovery form” which asks some basic questions about your business.  We’ll use this information to construct for you a customized action plan and proposal.  It should take you around 45 minutes to complete, so please find a quiet place/time to completely fill this out.

Discovery Form

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